Brings Movies to Your Computer with a Netflix Free Trial

24/05/2013 23:42 Brings Movies to Your Computer with a Netflix Free Trial

The trouble with renting movies is you have to go to the video store, look at what they have, then drive home. The entire process is so annoying. Why don't you stay home and get a Netflix free trial from Netflix lets you get movies sent to you through the mail or you can choose to stream them from the Internet. Picture never having to leave your home, fight traffic, or find out that movie you’ve been dying to see isn’t in.

The Changing Face of Netflix

Netflix went through a lot of growing pains in the past as they developed on their business model. It started with the simple concept of sending DVDs via the mail to your home. You reserved them online and in a day or two, they arrived at your door. Everyone was a big fan of it and the major video chains took notice. They tried to change their own business model to retain customers, but they failed to stem the Netflix tide and had to close their doors as they quite simply couldn’t compete. With Internet streaming becoming more popular, Netflix offered their own library of movies and tv shows for online viewing and it became hugely popular as well. Now, they’re creating their own content like House of Cards and Hemlock grove, which is only available through them.

Can’t Beat the Deal

What’s great about getting a Netflix free trial for a month versus only two weeks is you’re doubling the amount of movies you can get through the mail and doubling the amount of time to choose from thousands of movies to stream. They have classic movies from the 1950s and new movies available any time of day. You don’t even have to wait for the mailman to view some of the greatest movies of all time. With one low monthly price, you can view an almost limitless amount of movies online. That’s a deal you can’t beat and when you add a free one-month trial, the deal is event sweeter.

Movies by Mail

While streaming has been getting the most notoriety lately, we can’t forget the business that started it all. Streaming often doesn’t have movies that come out on DVD right away; it may take several months for it to reach the Internet, if ever. You can select from the latest and hottest movies just out on DVD, watch them, and send them back. If you thought their streaming library was big, their DVD library is massive. There are so many to select from your DVD queue will be filled in almost no time. scours the web searching for the best Netflix free trial, so head over now and get started watching your favorite shows and movies online.

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