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25/07/2013 15:23

There’s been plenty of news about Netflix lately and how it’s going to survive with competitors like Hulu and Amazon. Something you don’t see from those others is a one-month Netflix Free Trial. Netflix is willing to put it all on the line so people can understand what sets them apart from the others. Netflix was the first of its kind and it’s probably going to be around much longer than Hulu and maybe even Amazon’s video service. They also have thousands of movies not only streaming, but also available through the mail. The company began the experience and will continue to revolutionize it.

Netflix in a Nutshell

Hulu offers a wide selection of television shows but only a few movies and you have to watch commercials when you sign up for their service. is like a big-box store for the Internet generation. You can find just about anything from the site, but can they offer the same service as Netflix? Netflix began by revolutionizing video rental by letting people to receive movies via the mail. When Internet speeds started to increase, the company saw the potential of streaming movies. They were the first one to make this a part of their business model. The provider has a library of thousands of movies and tv shows available at the click of a mouse and even more available by mail.

Series Available Nowhere Else

Netflix understood that if they hoped to compete and remain relevant, then they needed to do something the others didn’t. And so, they made a decision to produce and distribute their own original series in the hopes it would be enough to keep people subscribed. It began with Lilyhammer with Steven Van Zandt and that did well, but soared with House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. Soon, Hemlock Grove followed and now they brought back a brand new season of the cult hit Arrested Development. They've paved the way for an Internet-exclusive series and many of its competitors are following in their footsteps.

Choose a Plan

Netflix knows that you want simplicity when considering plans. They have a plan that is dedicated to just streaming movies and another plan that is dedicated just to movies-by-mail. You can also get a plan that provides access to both. There are many plans available to suit whatever needs you have.

Why not visit and get a one-month Netflix free trial code to get started? You can see if what they've got is exactly what you want with no commitment.




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